Thank you for taking action to find out how stress and depression may be affecting you - and how you can get help for these problems at McDaniel College.

Your participation is completely voluntary and anonymous.

This website and the services offered are intended ONLY for students at McDaniel College.

This is not a crisis intervention service. If you are in crisis, please use the resources listed on this page.

We hope you'll take advantage of this safe and easy service.

There are 3 easy steps

  1. Fill out a simple, 10-minute Stress & Depression Questionnaire, identifying yourself only with a User ID that you select.
  2. A campus counselor will personally respond to you over this website with options for follow-up, if recommended.
  3. You decide what's next. You may talk with the counselor through the website or in person. Or, you might do nothing further at this time. It's all up to you. No follow-up services will be provided unless you request them.


Protecting your privacy

Your identity will not be known to the counselor unless you decide to share it.

You'll have the option of providing an email address on your questionnaire so the computer system can notify you when the counselor's response is ready. Having your email address will also enable the system to retrieve a forgotten User ID or password.

Your email address will be encrypted in the computer system and will not be revealed to anyone, including the counselor.

If you don't give an email address, at the completion of the questionnaire you'll be told when to return to this website to get the counselor's response.


Contact Heidi Huber, MSW, LCSW-C, Director of the Wellness Center at (410) 857-2243.